Marketing Terms To Know

Marketing Terms

We’ve defined every marketing word you’ve heard but have no idea what it means.

Marketing Results Terms

Reach – Reach is the total number of individuals who have viewed your content or online advertisement.

Impressions  Impressions are the total number of times your advertisement or content has been shown to a user’s screen. The user is not required to read the advertisement or content or to interact with it by clicking on it. Its only defining factor is the likelihood that a user would see it simply because it appeared on their screen.

Conversion rate –This is the percentage of website visitors who complete a targeted goal. This goal is most likely to be purchasing a product or service or completing a form. The more conversions there are, the better!

Google Ads – Simply said, these are company adverts that appear on Google. However, it is more complicated than this. Google Ads is a website where advertisers can bid on keywords in order to display brief clickable advertising in Google’s search results.

Click Through Rate – This is the percentage of people who click on a link compared to the total number of users that view the social media post, email, page, or advertisement. As a result, the higher the click-through rate, the more effective the marketing strategy.

Cost Per Lead – The cost per lead assesses how cost effective your marketing activities are in terms of generating new leads. A lead is someone who has expressed an interest in your product or service.

General Marketing Terms

Case study – A case study, which is typically performed in the form of a blog or pdf, contains an in-depth investigation and assessment of a company’s success or efficacy in dealing with a client. It is excellent marketing content for informing other clients or potential clients about what the company can do for them.

Electronic Direct Mail or EDM – This is an email marketing tactic that involves sending regular emails to an email database to a wide group of existing and new consumers in order to increase sales and establish connections.

Marketing Funnel – A marketing funnel deconstructs a customer’s purchasing experience, beginning with awareness and progressing through consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy at the bottom of the funnel.

Content Marketing – A type of marketing in which a company creates, publishes, or distributes valuable and relevant information such as infographics, videos, photos, and writing in order to attract and maintain a target audience.

Target Audience – The exact demographic most likely to engage with your content and buy your goods or service. All brand message and marketing should be tailored to that demographic. This could be determined by factors such as age, gender, income, geography, and interests, among others.

Public Relations (PR) – the deliberate dissemination of information about a person, company, or product/service to the public with the intent of influencing public perception. Maintaining a positive public image for a person or brand within the community is the aim of public relations.

Qualified Lead – A qualified lead is a prospective consumer who has the potential to be valuable to your company by using your product or service, according to marketing terminology.

Content Marketing Terms

Blog – A blog is a casually written piece of informational or conversational content that lives on a website. Blog entries are frequently updated and feature eye-catching photos.

Hashtag – A hashtag is defined as a word or phrase with a # before it and no spaces after it, such as #MarketingAgency. This metadata tag is mostly used on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter to let users group their tweets or posts according to a theme. When a hashtag is clicked, a page containing related tweets or posts is displayed. Users can use the hashtag to search for content that is pertinent to their search for tweets or posts on a particular topic.

Infographics – A diagram, graph, or cartoon is a common graphic visual representation of knowledge, facts, and information. A qualified lead is only someone who has given you information or is willing to do so.

Paid Distribution – an approach of promoting sponsored content through the use of numerous networks and platforms. This covers purchasing Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, sponsorships, influencer networks, and marketplace ads.

Content Metrics – The lead quality, online traffic, social media interaction, SEO, and onsite engagement are all important content indicators for marketing.

Website Terms

SEO – An acronym for search engine optimization, which is the technique of improving one’s position in search engine results by using keywords and consistently updating material. The objective is to increase the number of visits to a website by making sure it ranks higher than other websites in search results.

Google Analytics – a Google-owned web analytics service that provides traffic reports and useful audience data that can help you identify the channels that bring the most visitors to your website.

Key Performance Indicator – A key performance indicator is a quantifiable statistic that shows how well an organisation is performing a certain task or activity. As in the quantity of a specific product sold on a website.

Website Traffic – The volume of data sent and received by visitors to a website is known as website traffic.

Call To Action – A call to action (CTA) is a request made in marketing content for readers to perform the next action. Call us right away, for instance, or download this brochure.

Keywords – any terms that a user enters into a search engine.

Sales Qualified Lead – A highly prospective buyer who has been identified through marketing as having a high likelihood of making a purchase and thereby becoming a customer.

Mobile Optimisation – The process of modifying your website’s appearance and content to ensure that it works properly on any mobile device.

Domain – A domain is a website’s name. It comes after @ in email addresses and after www. in web addresses.


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